The Word of the Day is Controversy

By Xsarthis, 9 years ago
Well, I'm back with yet another tale of bad taste and worse ideas.

Infinity Ward has just pulled down a "PSA" video promoting Modern Warfare 2 that preached against the evils of grenade spamming in a fire fight. Not being a FPS player myself, I can't comment on how prevalent that specific tactic is, but it definitely sounds a bit cheap. Yet, no matter how aggravating it can be, I doubt I would go to the length of calling someone a FAG over it, as seen in a video just recently pulled by the developers.

In the video, Cole Hamels, pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies (go Phils!), gave a speech for the organization, "Fight Against Grenade Spam." Lovely name, even better acronym... In the PSA, he explained how spamming grenades "is for pussies" and eventually drops the F-bomb at the end before being blown up himself.

I'll be the first to admit to cursing up a storm anytime there aren't children around. Hell, I could make a truck driving sailor blush, but I try to never be offensive. Being no stranger to the vile language erupting forth from Xbox Live, I avoid playing a great deal of co-op because of what many people on there are saying. So when a developer like Infinity Ward actively encourages this sort of behavior, the phrase "shocked and appalled" doesn't even cover what goes through my head.

Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward initially felt, "the core gag is great." Thankfully, a quick Twitter exchange between Bowling, Game Informers' Philip Kolar, and gaming freelancer Mitchell Dyer ended in a debate that convinced Bowling to pull the video from the site due to the joke not being received in the way it was intended.

Following a number grievances the fans of the game have voiced, ranging from server integration, the terrorist-heavy storyline, the possibility of blocking Xbox Party chat, and now shining a light on the language commonly used during matches, it seems controversy is the new marketing gold.

From my quick description of the video, if you managed to see it, what do you think about the video? Was it offensive, in bad taste, or just plain harmless? Do you feel that gamers should voice their opinions more often when it come to the colorful terms being used in-game, should we as a community try and be better, or just remain silent? Don't you think Snuffleupagus was the pimp of Sesame Street and that Big Bird was just his Lieutenant?

November 10th will see the release of Modern Warfare 2. So finish off those Borderlands achievements now, because most of that community will disappear once that game is released.