Winners: The Witcher 2 Swag

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
OK ladies and gents, we have the winners of our recent The Witcher 2 swag competition. There were so many entries, and whats more, so many fantastic entries. I had a blast reading through every single eligible entry and compiling our shortlist. Some were funny, and some tugged at the heart strings. I wish we could have named a dozen or more winners, I really do. However, we could have only four, so here are our top picks!

First prize winner 1 by Marx

Potion 435 - The Spotless Mind

Makes you forget the pieces of your past that trouble and haunt you. Good times are kept, people do not disappear, but mistakes you've made that keep you up at night no longer are processed.

Downside is you forget all your passwords.
First prize winner 2 by

This potion would make your eyesight zoom in x2 every time you blink to a maximum of x128, at which point your eyesight would reset, you'd feel relieved and blink again.

I...really can't think of any downsides to this potion.
And now our two runners up:

Runner up 1 by DyingAtheist

The Potion of Extreme Composting

If I were an alchemist, in the days of yore,
I'd need a potion to send my foes to the floor,

They'd drink it down in refreshing drips,
The liquid cool on their tongue and lips,

But soon the pain would begin to rise,
And flowers would pop from between their eyes,

They'd writhe, scream, beg and plead,
While I downed another pail of mead,

Once they finally gave up hope,
And decided that they just can't cope,

They'd turn to compost, brown and dead,
Once a foe, now plant food, instead.
Runner up 2 by Salty Old Dog

My ideal potion would grant anyone who drinks it the Power of Proximity Orgasm.

Anyone within 15 meters of me will immediately be overcome by multiple intense personal orgasms.

This is not only effective in various social situations (getting into nightclubs, defusing a fight, becoming VERY popular at the local sorority) but it'd be fun to rob a bank too while the guards are helplessly shaking on the ground...

1.) Nursing homes
2.) Herding any group of animals
3.) Getting your taxicab driver to go anywhere
Some truly worthy winners in my opinion! Each first prize winner bags a Witcher 2 goodie bag packed with a t-shirt, signed poster, The Witcher book, and a review from the guys at UVG neatly contained in it's own Witcher 2 folder. It's all bagged up too! Our runners-up have nabbed a signed poster, a copy of The Witcher book and a review from the guys at UVG, again contained in it's own Witcher 2 folder.

A HUGE thanks to the guys at UVG for this awesome giveaway, it's been a lot of fun and with some tasty swag to boot! Prizes are coming from the guys at UVG so once we have your details your stuff will head out in the post.

See you around for the next competition soon!