Vessel Shows You Its Early Tech

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Strange Loop Games' is a puzzler that is heading for XBLA now that the PC version of the game has been released. Players take on the role of Arkwright, who has invented a species of living liquid creatures called Fluros. The Fluros can take on most liquid forms, such as water, lava, glowing goo and chemicals, and they have unique abilities that include melting, reforming, and re-growing lost limbs, depending on their liquid properties. However, the Fluros are not behaving as they should, and have turned on their users and disrupted machinery across the world. Players must create, manipulate, mix together and destroy the Fluros while operating the complex machinery to solve the puzzles that will allow them to restore order.

Usually we only get to see the most polished version of a game. A lot of trailers are made using beta footage, and some even use alpha footage, but even that is a long way ahead of the basic algorithms and tech that make up the early stages of the game. With no new footage to show us yet, the developer has instead released four videos showing the very early technology on which the game is based. The first video shows the creation of the liquid physics engine. The bunch of particles cause pressure on each other, surface tension, and viscosity among other forces, just like water would do in real-life. There is a surprise appearance from a character you wouldn't usually associate with the Xbox 360.

The second video shows the next step where Strange Loop combined AI and liquid physics. This allowed the creatures in the game to influence the liquid in the world. Those with any interest in game development may be interested in seeing the sorting algorithm in action that speeds up the liquid processing.

The third video shows the Fluros beginning to act as they should in the game. Here they transform from a puddle to a bridge.

Finally, we have another unexpected cameo helping to demonstrate the technology that makes the liquids glow. The clustering algorithm for identifying the key points for point-lights is very obvious here.

If you need more of an idea as to what to expect from the final version of the game, check out our previous coverage here.

Vessel is "coming soon".
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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