UK Deal Roundup for April 24th, 2012

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
TheHut has started a decent sized sale this week, although the bargains listed below can probably be found in several of their other sales too. Shopto isn’t running a sale this week but instead has a section of Xbox 360 offers. I’ve covered this, even though most of their titles are sold out. The PC offers weren’t worth mentioning. Meanwhile, one of TheHut and Zavvi’s long running ‘X games for £XX’ sales finally deserves a mention in this week’s roundup, while Zavvi continues with the long-running random offers. Discount codes and points promotions are still being run by ASDA, Shopto, Tesco and Zavvi. As for weekly deals, those belong to GAME, Gamestation and Play.

As usual you need to click on the name of the retailer or the name of the deal to be taken straight to the retailer’s offer page. Further details on the deals, including the best pick of the sale items, can be found in the ‘details here’ link, which will take you back to the relevant UK deal roundup that described the sale in more detail. Clicking on the name of a game will take you to the achievement list. All prices were correct at the time of writing.

To start off the new and weekly offers of this period, ASDA is still offering 10% off all pre-order games when the code GPRE10 is entered at the basket.

GAME’s Deals of the Week continue, as do sister store Gamestation’s Steals of the Week. Unfortunately, the only title worth mentioning is SSX at £24.99. GAME has an extra incentive added on to their Deals of the Week though. If a buyer purchases any of the Xbox 360 deals of the week, they can also purchase an Official Media Remote for just £2.

Play’s Deals of the Week aren’t too spectacular this week, but WRC: FIA World Rally Championship 2 is £7.99.

To celebrate their success at MCV’s annual awards, Shopto is offering £3 off a spend of £20 or more when the code MCVWINNERS is entered at the checkout. Meanwhile, they aren’t running a specific sale this week; instead we have a number of Xbox 360 Special Offers. These are the bargains:
Dragon Age: Origins - £9.85
FIFA Street - £27.85
Grand Slam Tennis 2 - £17.86
Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 - £9.85
Just Cause 2 - £9.85
Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition - £18.85
SBK 09 Superbike World Championship - £6.85
Super Street Fighter IV - £11.86
Vanquish - £7.85
• Venom VX Comms Headset - £7.85
WWE '12 Limited Edition - £24.85
You're in the Movies + Camera - £4.85

Tesco currently has an offer where buyers can save £5 on the price of pre-order games when the code GAMES5 is entered at the checkout.

TheHut has started a Red Hot Deals offer. These are the games that are worth looking at:
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon - £14.95
The Adventures of Tintin - £9.95 - £14.95
Aliens vs. Predator - £9.95
Assassin's Creed II Game of the Year Edition - £9.95
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - £12.95
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Limited Edition - £14.95
Bodycount - £9.95
Cabela's Adventure Camp - £17.95
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition - £64.95
Crysis 2 - £14.95
Dance Evolution - £14.95
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West - £9.95
F.E.A.R. 3 - £9.95
Fight Night Champion - £14.95
The First Templar - £9.95
Forza Motorsport 3 Ultimate Edition - £9.95
Generator Rex: Agent of Providence - £12.95
Halo 3: ODST - £9.95 - £9.95 - £14.95
Hasbro Family Game Night 3 - £14.95
Homefront - £9.95
James Cameron's Avatar - £9.95
Le Tour de France 2011 - £7.95
Left 4 Dead 2 - £14.95
Let's Cheer! - £14.95
Madden NFL 12 - £24.95
Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat - £9.95
Mass Effect 2 - £14.95
Operation Flashpoint: Red River - £7.95
Operation Flashpoint: Red River (PC) - £5.95
The Penguins of Madagascar - £9.95
SBK 2011 FIM Superbike World Championship - £7.95
SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection - £9.95
Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper (EU) - £9.95
Skate 3 - £14.95
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Legacy Edition - £9.95
Thor: God of Thunder - £9.95
Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12: The Masters - £14.95
Tony Hawk: SHRED Board Bundle - £12.99
Transformers: Dark of the Moon - £14.95
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - £22.95
Virtua Tennis 4 - £9.95
WWE '12 - £19.95

For a few weeks now, TheHut and Zavvi have been running an offer where buyers can get three games for £18. This offer hasn’t been worth mentioning before due to the very small number of games involved. However, this week the number of titles has both increased and changed, making this worth a mention now. These are the titles that can’t be bought for less than £6.
Dreamcast Collection
Duke Nukem Forever
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
National Geographic Challenge!
Yoostar 2: In The Movies

Zavvi’s first random offer of the week still sees 10% off pre-orders of the and Apocalypse Now / Apocalypse Now Redux blu-ray bundle when the code SPECOPSG is entered at the checkout. We also still have a list of random cheap games – links to these are in the prices for this list:
Catherine (EU) - £32.95
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Collector’s Edition - £24.95
Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Starter Pack – £38.95
SoulCalibur V£24.95

Here are the continuing sales:
Amazon’s Xbox 360 Bargains
Base’s offer where buyers can get two games for £25
Bee’s Special Offers
GamesCentre’s Special Offers
HMV’s Sale
HMV’s Pure Double Points promotion
Play’s Warehouse Clearance.
Play’s offer where buyers can get two games for £20.
Sainsbury’s Games Extravaganza.
TheHut’s Stock Clearance
TheHut’s Action Games offer
TheHut’s ‘Games for Under £5’ promotion
• The Fitness sale at TheHut and Zavvi
TheHut’s two games for £20 offer are still running their two games for £25 offer, as is sister store Zavvi
• The Value Gaming sale at, also known as Great Value Games at sister store Zavvi
Zavvi’s Price Drop
Zavvi’s Red Hot Deals
Zavvi’s Clearance sale
Zavvi’s American Sports promotion
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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