Agent 47 Hits the Headlines in Hitman Absolution

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago

Case Number: 640509-040147
Date: April 22nd, 2012
Reporting Officer: Insp. B. Fournier
Incident: Multi-vehicle road collision in the city of Hope.

Details of event

A head-on collision between a sports car and a tow truck resulted in one fatality and serious injuries to the second party. Witnesses report a strange set of circumstances leading up to the collision, which are best described in this recent headline by Hope News Times. Viewing the article in the screenshot viewer is advised to make best use of the accompanying photo of the accident scene.


Actions taken

Interviews and statements have been held with the majority of the witnesses. However, one witness has still not been traced, though a photo of the person in question has been recovered from nearby CCTV.

The Tourist

This man is not a member of the police force in the city of Hope. Further investigation has suggested that this person may actually be the renowned assassin, Agent 47, previously thought to be a figment of imagination. Few people believe that this man is real due to the lack of evidence concerning his existence. Indeed, he may not even be considered a true human, as legend states that he has been genetically enhanced and cloned so that he can assassinate his targets with maximum precision. Agent 47 can disguise himself easily and use his surrounding environments to kill his targets without drawing any attention to himself. There are significant concerns regarding this person's involvement in the collision.


The assassin may or may not be responsible for the events that have recently occurred in the city of Hope during the build up to the release of However, he must be traced at all costs.

The aforementioned video game is due to be released sometime this year, but our chances of finding Agent 47 will decrease dramatically once the game hits retail outlets; his publicity appearances will become much less frequent when this happens. All previous information on this game can be found in a dossier here. Perhaps that file may contain a vital clue...
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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