Microsoft Sends E-mails for Rewards Program

By Cougar24, 9 years ago
Apparently, all of those sexual favors finally paid off and Microsoft has just sent me an e-mail saying that I got accepted into the new Rewards Program. And my parents said that my lifestyle would never get me anywhere, HA!

You made it into the new Xbox LIVE Rewards pilot program!
Now it’s your turn to rack up the goodies! For the next six months, The Rewards Squad will hook you up with Microsoft Points just for doing the stuff Xbox LIVE members do all the time—and guess what? You scored 100 free Microsoft Points just for getting into this pilot program and filling out our first survey!

It’s easy to collect more rewards!
Download a hot new movie, get that Arcade game or game add-on you’ve had your eye on, stream your favorite movies and TV episodes instantly from Xbox LIVE* with a new subscription to Netflix™, tell us what you think in our surveys—it’s all going to get you the love you deserve from The Rewards Squad.

Every month, we’ll send you an email with an update on how you’re doing and the cool gear you can get with your rewards, so make sure you read it!

Microsoft has set up 3 levels of the reward zone program: Orange, Green, and Grey (Thanks to for pointing that out). The exclusive program lasts until April 30, 2010 and the maximum points that a member can receive from this program is 40,000 Microsoft Points (but you'd probably end up spending about 10x that trying to get 40,000 Points). Here are the individual charts for each level:

Included in the e-mail is a chart of how many Microsoft Points the chosen ones can earn by doing certain things, like renewing their subscriptions and doing surveys. I was more disappointed at the lack of things that I could do to get Microsoft Points, but hey, it's a start. It definitely won't be the worst thing I've done for the sole sake of acquiring Microsoft Points... Let's just say the story ends with, "... And that's the first time I ended up with crabs."

Hit the link for the things that you* can do to earn Microsoft Points!

* I know the link says "You've been selected", but you really haven't, sucker.