Awesomenauts Maps Detailed

By Michelle Balsan, 6 years ago
Ronimo Games' multiplayer online battle arcade title, Awesomenauts, is just over two weeks from release, and while we were made aware recently that the game would contain three maps, we didn't have much in the way of details.

Now, we have loads of details to share with you about the maps that will come packaged with the game. Titled "Ribbit IV", "AI Station 404", and "Planet Sorona", the three maps each contain unique features, such as critter areas where you can replenish your health and hide areas that are important to control if you want victory.

Ribbit IV

Awesomenauts might find themselves deployed on Planet Ribbit IV. Originally the planet was completely covered with swamps and forests, and inhabited by a frog-like species. Over time, the frogs moved out of the swamp and started building large cities.

Now, only a small nature reserve remains. The rich Solar veins under the reserve have attracted the war, putting the last vegetation and wildlife in peril.

Danger lurks in every corner on Ribbit IV. Smart Awesomenauts make a habit out of hiding in bushels, or planting them full of mines or grenades. An ambush is always closer than you think...

Small beasts roam the lush jungle. They're small, they breed like rats, and they drop healthpacks when you squash em! Combatants might want to pay these little guys a visit from time to time.

The pimp daddy of the jungle. You might want to stack up on upgrades before you confront this guy. His bad temper and breath are legendary. Though, for all who manage to defeat him, riches await!
AI Station 404

This AI station is built on the surface of an asteroid of solid Solar. These kind of asteroids are quite rare and it's no surprise the robots quickly tried to conquer it after discovery. The space station is now one of the most high tech weapon facilities in the galaxy.

Flagship of the facility is the cromium gravitor device which manipulates gravity for experimental research. In this area you will feel light as a feather. Be careful about how you manouvre through this area, as you might be floating towards your doom.

Small service-bots patrol this area. They're not hostile. Computers have no feelings, so you don't have to feel bad when you 'disasemble' them for their rejuvenative power cells.

Reinforcements. Jump on the button -> Flying droids come out -> Flying droids attack enemy. Simple as that!
Planet Sorona

Once a vibrant dinosaur planet, now a dead wasteland. Centuries ago, the planet was scorched by orbital nuclear bombardment, which transformed Sorona into a crude, uninhabitable place. Now only miners, static storms and radioactive giant worms scour the planet, and they are all unfriendly.

The worms (quite hungry ones) feast on everything that moves: the miners, employees of lightning farms and even small space ships. Consider yourself warned!

In the center of the field sits a button that controls an old mining shaft door. All mining operations have been canceled as one giant worm has made the mine his personal living room. Push the button, and the worm will rear it's ugly head. This guy's always in a bad mood. You'd better not to get to close to mineshaft door, as an opposing combatant might jump out of the sand to push the button!

In the center of the map is an area where Awesomenauts can hide. Taking control of this area is very important, as it is lies on the route between two important droid attack routes.

Awwww so cute! NO! Don't let their cute slimy, eyeless faces fool you. These little worms will grow into big bad Worms in record time. Kill them fast. They also drop healthpacks when you kill em!
Awesomenauts will be released on May 2nd. There is still no word on a price for the title.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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