Demo Roundup: April 24th, 2012

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
You can download two new demos as of today for some hands on impressions. These are Gold exclusive downloads until next week:

Ninja Gaiden III
Download link here

Feel the burden of cutting another person down in the latest chapter of the acclaimed action series. Jump into the action as the thrilling battle unfolds in the streets of London. This demo also lets you try out two downloadable weapons—the Falcon's Talons and the Eclipse Scythe!
Dragon's Dogma
Download link here

Whet your appetite with a taste of the high fantasy, open world action that Dragon's Dogma has to offer in this demo. Battle as an Arisen of the past or rid the countryside of a fearsome magickal beast -- the choice is yours. Use the robust character creation tool to customize your Arisen and main pawn, play them in the Countryside Quest now, and import them into the full game later. From height to hairstyle, eye color to nose shape, mold your heroes as you see fit.