FIFA 12 Heads Into The Euro Zone

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
When it comes to the World Cup or Euro international tournaments, the FIFA franchise usually adds another game to its tally. This is not the case this time. The officially licensed "videogame" of the 2012 European Football Championship is actually a DLC add-on for FIFA 12 and it was released today. The "Euro 2012" DLC adds ten achievements worth a total of 250G.

EA SPORTS UEFA EURO 2012™ recreates all the excitement of the official tournament with over 50 European national teams, all eight official stadiums in the tournament, and all the pageantry and atmosphere of one of the largest and most-watched sporting events on the planet. Compete as your favourite country in an authentic online tournament mode against rival nations in the group stage, progress through the knockout rounds, and ultimately compete for the chance to be crowned UEFA EURO 2012™ champion. Plus, you will be able to relive dramatic moments from the UEFA EURO 2012™ qualifying campaign with challenges based on real-world matches, and replay key moments from the UEFA EURO 2012™ tournament. Available in EN, FR, DE, IT, SP, NL & PL Languages.
EA has also released some new screenshots to try and tempt players into a purchase:

24/4/12 England Lineup

24/4/12 England vs. France

24/4/12 England vs. Spain

24/4/12 Germany Celebration

24/4/12 Germany Lineup

24/4/12 Germany vs. Netherlands

The "EA SPORTS UEFA EURO 2012™" DLC costs 1800 MSP and can be downloaded from here. If you don't want to take the plunge right away, check out the free demo here instead.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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