Music Mayhem Event Launched

By Chad and Jessie, 6 years ago
Hello fellow TA'ers,

As some of you may remember, a little over a year ago TA had its first, of what was hoped to be many month-long Community Events. I am so pleased and excited to announce our newest event, Music Mayhem!

As you may have already gathered, this month-long event runs throughout May and is specifically aimed at achievements within the music genre. May is going to be the CRAZIEST MONTH OF MUSIC EVA!!!

Besides my lack of skillz, I have always found the most challenging thing about achievement hunting in music games is the online multiplayer achievements. Finding eight people to play band vs. band on the same day, at the same time, with unique instruments, and in some cases, at a high level of competency, can be more than a small challenge. With this event, we’re hoping to take some of the hardship and frustration away and just make music games FUN.

How it’s going to work: You’ll go to our fancy new registration page (Register for Music Mayhem), fill out your level of instrument competency, achievements you’re looking at gaining, check the boxes for dates and times you’re available, and hit submit. The Community and Events Teams will start the "Making of the Bands" as registrations start pouring in. Easy Peasy.

A complete list of the achievements we are including in the event can be found here: Music Mayhem Achievement List. With a few exceptions, we’ll only be matching up community members in achievements that can be done in a ‘Band’ setting (3+ people). Now this doesn’t mean you can’t go for some of the other achievements. We are hoping that by creating these "Official TA Bands", those who are also in need of the 2 player co-op & versus achievements might potentially meet gaming partners and set up their own session to knock them out.

So, dust off the ol’ plastic axe, warm up your crooner pipes, and let’s make some noise for Music Mayhem