SSX Screens Its Mt. Eddie Riders [UPDATE]

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Next week is when players will find themselves stepping back in time to take part in the "Mt. Eddie" DLC for SSX. Inspired by the SSX games of old, including SSX Tricky, the DLC will have a feel that is noticeably different to the main game. Big air drops and fireworks will be the name of the game across the nine new trick and race drops on this completely new mountain.

The "Classic Characters" pack will also be released on the same day as the "Mt. Eddie" DLC. This pack includes seven riders, complete with retro outfits, who will be riding down Mt. Eddie. Each rider will also get a unique board, but these are yet to be revealed. Here are the seven riders:

26/4/12 Eddie concept art

26/4/12 Elise concept art

26/4/12 Kaori concept art

26/4/12 Mac concept art

26/4/12 Moby concept art

26/4/12 Psymon concept art

26/4/12 Zoe concept art

Do you want to see this DLC in action? Well, here's a video showing Zoe carving her way down the slopes.

Edit: Since the publication of this article, another gameplay video has been released showing Eddie in action on the slopes:

Here are some screenshots showing each of the seven characters in action.:

26/4/12 Eddie 1

26/4/12 Eddie 2

26/4/12 Elise 1

26/4/12 Elise 2

26/4/12 Elise 3

26/4/12 Kaori 1

26/4/12 Kaori 2

26/4/12 Kaori 3

26/4/12 Mac

26/4/12 Moby

26/4/12 Psymon 1

26/4/12 Psymon 2

26/4/12 Zoe 1

26/4/12 Zoe 2

The "Mt. Eddie" and "Classic Characters" DLC packs are due to be released on May 1st. They can be purchased together in a bundle for 640 MSP; alternatively, they are available separately for a price of 480 MSP each. EA has not confirmed whether the DLC will have achievements.
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