Content Team Announced

By Rich Stone, 9 years ago
A couple of momentus things happened last night - NightStalkar finalized the Content Team, and we also smashed through the 50,000 registered gamers milestone on the site (congrats to Mr Freezed, our 50,000th member!).

For the low down on the Content Team, I will hand you over to NightStalkar himself...

NightStalkar said:
Hey everyone,

So here it is finally - the TrueAchievements Content Team! I’ve taken ample time to select this team, and feel strongly that each person on it is more than capable of helping take our site to the next level:

Al Soure
Badly Worn Toy
Kung Fu Riki
Tasty Pastry
The Globalizer
Van Uden


I want to go ahead and say that I received 93 total applications. Narrowing this down to 26 was not an easy task, leaving me feeling a bit guilty for not getting some of you on here. I’ve taken many factors into consideration in selecting those above though – Region, Community activity, Gaming History, etc. It was a long process, and I feel privileged in announcing everyone above.

We will be in charge of:
- Game & DLC Information
- Achievement Information
- Solution Management
- Guide &Walkthrough Management

Also an update on two of the features above:

TA is currently in the process of adding a “Report Solution” function, which will streamline our team’s work and help clear up a lot of the junk that has piled up in the solutions section of our website. This will most likely be used with the guides as well.

The guides however are still in the beta phase, but will be live for our content team to iron out the bugs and get it off the ground. After this short initial phase, ANY user will have the ability to create and contribute to these “wiki-style” guides upon requesting permission to do so, and the content team will be in charge of managing those at that point. TA will be have more specifics on these two features in the near future. A big thanks to him for coding all this in! – Let’s not forget nearly every feature we make use of here are built by his hands from the ground-up.

Lastly a note to those who didn’t make it - You are all still on file, and will be called upon first when needed. I have a feeling this is very likely to happen, so don’t lose hope! Thanks to everyone who applied!
I also want to thank NightStalkar for going through all the applications so thoroughly, and welcome all of the new staff to the TA fold!

I've actually put the Report Solution/Report Review code live today (as well as a couple of new smileys), so if you find any abusive/stolen or plain dumb solutions then please go ahead and report them.

Thanks all, and here's to another 50,000 users!

Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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