SBK Generations - More Max Biaggi Footage [UPDATE]

By Keith Gray, 6 years ago
Earlier this month, Black Bean Games and Milestone released the first clip of gameplay footage from upcoming, two-wheeled racing title, At that time, we had to believe the publisher that the video showcased Italian legend, Max Biaggi.

However, the latest video will have us in no doubt as the bulk of the action comes in the third-person perspective this time around. Another circuit is on show as well, courtesy of a rather wet Assen track in Holland.

Max Biaggi is not the only racing legend set to take his place on the grid. Three others have previously been given the teaser trailer treatment. Since the publication of this article, a new trailer has emerged showing gameplay from three other riders:

Having originally been scheduled for release this May, when it was announced, you can expect to begin revving up your engines when SBK Generations starts from the pit lane in June. You can garner all the details you'll need about SBK Generations, by heading over here.
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Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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