The Wrath Of The Microsoft Ban-Hammer

By Kirsco, 9 years ago
Around the end of October, Microsoft started its latest round of banning modded consoles. This round as well as the last few have seen the ban-hammer aim not only at the consoles themselves, but at the offending Xbox LIVE accounts.

The official Microsoft page on console bans states:
Xbox LIVE console suspensions may also include permanent suspensions of Xbox LIVE accounts as well.

Major Nelson has written a post on his website as well addressing the issue and took the time to remind us that piracy is illegal, YAAARRRR.

All consumers should know that piracy is illegal, and that modifying their Xbox 360 console to play pirated discs, violates the Xbox LIVE terms of use, will void their warranty and result in a ban from Xbox LIVE.

So, what happens, you might ask, if you purchase a second hand console, which the previous owner modified, so that they could play pirated games and subsequently got hit with the ban-hammer? According to Microsoft, it's tough titties.

I have not committed any fraud, I’ve never had action taken against me by the enforcement team, and I know for a fact I have not modified my console. Can you undo my suspension?

The investigations and subsequent actions taken by the Xbox LIVE enforcement team are conservative in nature. We work very hard to try to fully understand that a console has been modified by looking at a variety of information. Sometimes it’s possible that a previous owner or another user may have performed unauthorized modifications to the console. It is also possible that the purchaser of a used Xbox 360 was not aware the console was modified. In either case we cannot undo the console suspension. We recommend customers who believe they have not modified their Xbox themselves (or committed other actions on the service to warrant suspension) to contact previous owners or users of the console.

Microsoft is god, of course they can't be wrong! To be completely blunt, it's rarely a good idea to buy a second hand Xbox 360 anyway. You can never be sure that it hasn't already suffered a red ring of death, had a dodgy repair and is going to fail again after a week.

Some gamers think that they might have a legitimate reason for modding their console and making copies of games. For example, parents with young children might like to keep their original disc in mint condition by giving their offspring burnt copies for them to rub their grubby hands on and scratch off any semblance of readable data. Unfortunately, for those cursed with midget versions of themselves and others who believe they have a legitimate reason, these actions are not acceptable under the Xbox LIVE terms of use, or the law.

You wouldn't steal a car, or someone's wallet, so why steal a game?
Credit for this story goes to SebastianSB