Contract Killer Announced for Windows Phone

By Rebecca Smith,
Bug Village (WP) was the first 'freemium' game to be released on the Windows Phone. Now developer Glu Mobile is bringing another freemium game to the platform, but as WPCentral exclusively revealed, this game will be nothing like Bug Village. Contract Killer sees players take on the role of a sniper for hire.

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Your typical customers are the mob or other tough criminals. Your hits are initially completely unaware of your presence, but if you miss, they're likely to shoot back. A mission could be just one target or you may be required to take out a group of criminals. In the latter scenarios, if one of your targets sees their friend hit the floor, they'll shoot back at you too.

Players must aim at the target and zoom in as much as they need before taking the shot. The option is also there to steady your breath if the shot is particularly difficult. Sometimes you'll shoot to kill; other times you'll be shooting tranquilizer darts in the aim of capturing your target.

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There will be downtime in between missions where players can spend their rewards for completed contracts. New weapons will improve your chances of success and more ammo can also be purchased. However, you only have a certain amount of energy, which decreases every time you go on a mission. Although energy refills over time, players are limited on the amount of missions they can take before they must take a break. Food can be purchased to help refill your energy more quickly.

You may be wondering where the freemium bit comes in? Well, credits can also be purchased by using Microsoft Points as well as earning them in-game. Buying credits will allow players to purchase better equipment over a shorter space of time.

Contract Killer is due to be released next month.

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Written by Rebecca Smith
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