Fireburst Comes Back from the Dead

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Nearly a full year has passed since we last heard anything about Xbox LIVE Arcade racer The game was announced in February 2009 but then disappeared into oblivion for two years. We had three months of activity from publisher Zoo Entertainment, but then the game went quiet again. We had figured that it had quietly been added to the category of vapourware, but we've been proven wrong. The game has come bursting out of hibernation with a new trailer and a series of screenshots.

In case you can't remember, here is a quick rundown of the game's main features:

• Twelve single-player and five multi-player maps including docks, airfields, oil rigs, sewers and warehouses packed with shortcuts, obstacles and cool-down zones (to help extend your Fireboost).
• Sixteen cars in four categories: Buggies, Muscle Cars, Trucks and Offroaders/4x4s.
• Unique Fireboost abilities that turn each vehicle into a deadly hod rod: Fireball, Fire wheels, Firewall and Fireblast.
• More than 250 car skins and 16 eccentric characters to help customize your ride.
• Single-player mode, four-player local split screen mode and online multiplayer modes that can include up to eight drivers.
The brand new trailer gives you a quick preview of the maps and vehicles that you will encounter in the game:

For those of you who can't view the trailer, take a look at these screenshots instead:

27/4/12 Screenshot 1

27/4/12 Screenshot 2

27/4/12 Screenshot 3

27/4/12 Screenshot 4

27/4/12 Screenshot 5

27/4/12 Screenshot 6

27/4/12 Screenshot 7

27/4/12 Screenshot 8

27/4/12 Screenshot 9

27/4/12 Screenshot 10

Fireburst is due to be released this summer.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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