Barbeque Season Starts In Hitman: Absolution

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago

Case Number: 640509-040247
Date: April 27th, 2012
Reporting Officer: Insp. B. Fournier
Incident: Suspicious death at the McCready abode

Details of event

Barbeque season has hit Hope City. To celebrate the first warm weather of the season, the renowned "BBQ Pro" Mason McCready invited friends, family, the local law enforcement and journalists from Hope News Times to attend a barbeque in his back yard. At 9:30 PM, the body of an acquaintance of Mr. McCready was found in suspicious circumstances in the bedroom of the McCready residence. The cause of death has so far proved inconclusive. The Hope News journalists left before the body was discovered, but their coverage has proved to be vital in reconstructing the circumstances of that evening:

27/4/12 Hope News 2

Actions taken

The post mortem examination was initially inconclusive pending toxicology reports. However, time of death was placed roughly around the time of the photograph used for the Hope News Times coverage. We have obtained a copy of the original photograph.

27/4/12 Barbeque Season

All witnesses have been interviewed and Mr McCready has been cleared of all suspicion. However, a young child who was playing in the back yard has provided a somewhat unbelievable alternative view of the scene above. His account has been recreated in this artist's impression below:

27/4/12 Barbeque Season 2

The ledge outside the bedroom window is extremely hard to reach without the use of a ladder. What can not be ignored though are the similarities between the description of this man on the window ledge and the CCTV image recovered from last week's multi-vehicle road collision.


After recent events, it is becoming more and more likely that this man is indeed Agent 47. The reasons for his presence in the remote city of Hope are still unknown, but there has been a notable increase in mortality rates in past weeks. This man MUST be traced as soon as possible and brought into custody.

His recent increase in activity may be due to the release of his next video game,, due out some time this year. We will be lobbying developer IO Interactive for more information on both Agent 47 and his acquaintances. We will also push for an immediate release date, as the release of the game is likely to send Agent 47 back into the shadows. An assassin does not want his likeness projected across TV screens around the world while trying to work anonymously. Although this will not help our investigation, this is likely to make the streets of Hope safer for the concerned citizens.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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