Trials Evolution Gets a Track Central Update

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Trials Evolution broke the record for the highest grossing day-one sales on Xbox LIVE Arcade, with over 100,000 downloads in the first 24 hours of availability. It isn't hard to see why; RedLynx has taken the success of and improved on it without destroying the essence of the game that fans had grown to love. Our own official review gave the game five stars.

One of the major improvements in Trials Evolution is the track editor. This is the feature that extended the life of the first game for many players, but the limited ability to share tracks was an issue. Now, players can post their tracks to Track Central, a server that makes all of the shared community-created tracks available for anybody to download, regardless of whether the creator is on your friends list. However, the ranking of these tracks was becoming a problem. Tracks with a single rating of five stars would be ranked as highly as a track with many five star ratings, meaning that the creator could get a friend to rate their track highly and inflate the track's ranking far higher than it deserved. RedLynx has now issued a server-side fix for this issue. I'll let them tell you about it:

We have worked closely with Microsoft to employ a Track Central fix addressing an issue affecting user-rating balance for Player-created tracks. Now the rating scheme better takes into account the number of votes given and therefore those tracks with lots of excellent ratings given will appear higher than those with only a few. We’ll continue to work on this and other issues. Thank you for your patience, and please help us by continuing to report issues with this fix or other portions of the game on the KNOWN ISSUES thread, and of course, have fun!
As somebody who has been suckered into downloading tracks with a far higher rating than they deserve, this fix is much appreciated. If you haven't already checked out Track Central, I can't recommend the feature enough. There are some real gems available for players to download despite the game only being released ten days ago.

The game itself costs 1200 MSP and can be downloaded from here.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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