XCOM: Enemy Unknown Community Video #2

By Andrew Ogley,
Following on the heels of the recently released community video, 2K Games have released a second clip explaining how the new art direction was chosen for their upcoming title XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In the short clip running at just under four minutes, art director Greg Foertsch explains the challenges he and his team faced bringing the imagery and art of the game into the 21st century. The original game appeared back in 1994 on the Amiga and later on the first generation Playstation in 1995 with the limited graphics capabilities of that era. Obviously graphics have made massive technological leaps forward since then, and Foertsch explains how the team at Firaxis wanted to exploit modern day graphics whilst still staying true and faithful to the original title. In the clip we are able to catch glimpses of the concept art for some of the characters and how that has been translated into the game.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is currently being developed by Firaxis and will be published by 2K Games. Unfortunately as of yet there has been no confirmed release date for the title.

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Andrew Ogley
Written by Andrew Ogley
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