Project Zwei Creeps Out of the Shadows

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Shinji Mikami is a survival horror expert. The producer had a hand in many of the Resident Evil games, starting with the original Resident Evil and finishing with Resident Evil 4. His extensive credits also include the Dino Crisis series, Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, Phoenix Wright, Vanquish and Shadows of the Damned, and there are many more that I could mention. For his latest project at his new Tango Gameworks studio, Mikami has gone back to the genre that he knows best and is creating a new survival horror game.

The game is currently codenamed Project Zwei as the game's real name has not yet been finalised. The game is in the early stages of development. Actual details are very thin on the ground, although the game's publisher, Bethesda, has stated that Mikami is "committed to making a game that is the realization of pure survival horror, an experience which he defines as one that pushes the limits of fear and exhilaration."

Bethesda did send out this image, which is "a collage of different environments we put together for this announcement and is intended to give a feel for the tone and the direction the production is taking. (However, neither the code name nor the image is intended to tell you exactly what is in the game.)"

Project Zwei concept art

Project Zwei is due to be released in 2013 and is likely to be released on HD consoles, although exact platforms have not been confirmed.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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