Dead or Alive 5 Adds Two New Fighters

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago
Team Ninja have revealed two new additions to the roster of their upcoming fighting title, Dead or Alive 5. Christie and Bayman will be making a return to the Dead or Alive series. Both of these characters have had their appearances redesigned with "incredible lifelike detail that conveys every facet of their new character designs". The characters' fighting styles have been tweaked and polished to perfection in order for their battles to fit in flawlessly with the upcoming fighting stages.

A character reveal wouldn't quite be the same without some screens to represent the newly announced characters, so take a look at this fresh batch of concept art, which also showcase some of the other characters from the upcoming fighting title:


Bayman, a man of few words, was formerly an assassin. A "hold" specialist who fights with the combat style of Sambo, a Russian military hand-to-hand combat technique, Bayman carries out his tasks with the utmost perfection. He heads to the battlefield now as a soldier with one mission… ultimate victory.



Christie, a British female assassin, is a cold-blooded, merciless woman. She possesses the perfect qualities for an assassin with Shequan (Snake Fist) style. While dodging attacks she approaches her enemies in a snake like manner - faster than the eye can see, in a single blow she brings her opponents to their demise.




Ryu Hayabusa:






Christie and Bayman square off against each other in the middle of a new Hot Zone Stage, where threats surrounding the battle can serve as a distraction and bonus to the fighters. Surrounded by tanks, gunfire, soldiers with RPGs and even a army helicopter overhead, the characters do battle with the potential to use the environment around them to their advantage. Once the hovering chopper is hit, it goes down and turns into a fiery wreck, the fighters can use a well timed Power Blow to launch their opponent into the burning wreck. The threat of a soldier firing his RPG can also be a concentration breaker; fighters must remain focused and calm to become victorious in battle. Before we dive into the intense battle from the trailer, check out these screenshots showcasing the stage Christie and Bayman will be fighting in:



Let the fight begin:

For those unfortunate enough not to be able to view the trailer, check out the screenshots of the battle between the newly announced characters, which showcase Christie and Bayman doing battle amongst the hazardous surroundings and the "Danger Zones":

Christie Vs Bayman

Christie Vs Bayman

Christie Vs Bayman

Christie Vs Bayman

Christie Vs Bayman

Dead or Alive 5 remains scheduled for a September 2012 release.
Ashley Woodcock
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