Indie Games Spotlight for April 29th, 2012

By mancide, 6 years ago
Infinity Danger, another quality game from Milkstone Studios, brings twin-stick ship destruction crossed with a time trial to create an endless sense of danger and urgency.

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Fight against an almighty enemy that evolves to exploit your weak points! Inspired on the 2003 computer game "Warning Forever".

RELEASE DATE: 3/22/2011
DEVELOPER: Milkstone Studios S.L.
GENRE: Shooter

Offline players 1
Dolby Digital
Milkstone Studios bring another quality title to the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace with Infinity Danger. Combining a twin-stick space shooter with the time trial mechanic and endless boss fights, this makes for an ever challenging experience.

I found myself replaying the game several times to find the quickest way to dispatch the boss ships in each stage. You are only granted so much additional time after a successful fight, so it is in your best interest to save as much time by finishing the fight as quickly as possible.

The bosses do get progressively more difficult with each new entry, but thanks to a little info-graphic before each stage, you know exactly what type of weapons and defenses the boss will possess.

This is another quality offering from Milkstone Studios at a super price-point of 80 MSP.

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Credit for this story goes to J Pinder
Written by mancide
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