Music Mayhem: Ensuring Your Availability

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
Hello all! If you've signed up for Music Mayhem, excellent! However, can we please just take one moment to remind you all to double-check your availability as submitted via the registration form.

We're beginning to work on creating sessions to get you guys together and get those unlocks rolling, so try to be as sure as you can that you'll be available at the times landing in your inbox shortly. It's worth checking that you have set your timezone correctly too, this is on the very first page of the registration process. Be careful not to skip it!

If you ensure you check in and update your availability for the month as and when you know it, it ensures that the sessions run smoothly and efficiently, and we all get our hands on the achievements we crave!

As we enter the final hours of the countdown until kick off, a big thanks to everyone who has signed up and we'll see you on Xbox LIVE!