Gun Bros Anounced for Windows Phone

By Michelle Balsan,
Last week, we shared with you the first details of, an upcoming freemium Windows Phone title by Glu Mobile. If Glu Mobile is familiar to you, that's because they also released the first WP freemium title, Bug Village (WP), earlier this year.

Now, WPCentral has exclusively revealed that a third freemium title is in development. Dubbed Gun Bros, the game is a twin stick shooter where you can control one of the Gun Bros in their efforts to take down the evil organization, T.O.O.L., and their Xplodium-stealing plans.

Gun Bros 2

What's Xplodium, you ask? Xplodium is a material that can be turned into gold, and while you are doing your best to stop T.O.O.L. from taking it all, you also earn this valuable resource while you play. In between missions, you can use the gold you refine from Xplodium to purchase new weapons and armor.

Gun Bros 1

The "freemium" element comes into play through the use of War Bucks. War Bucks is a currency you can purchase so you can upgrade your Gun Bros to premium weapons and armor. Of course, as with most freemium games, these upgrades won't be necessary for completion, but will make the game go faster. There is no time component to consider either, like there was in Bug Village, so playing through the game with Premium DLC shouldn't affect the time it takes to complete too much.

Gun Bros will also feature a multiplayer component in the form of Brotherhoods. Players may recruit friends who are members of their Brotherhood to fight alongside them. Don't worry if you can't sync up schedules with your buddies though, as they'll be used in-game as an AI companions, meaning that all players don't need to be simultaneously present to enjoy the benefits of the game's multiplayer.

Gun Bros is due out in either May or sometime over the Summer.

We've got the full list of Gun Bros (WP) achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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