Music Mayhem Is Here!

By Chad and Jessie, 6 years ago
As we explained here, for the entire month of May the site will be devoted to music, with hundreds of community gaming sessions in the works for you to jump in and jam. The Community Events Team will be matching up gamers into sessions to knock out some of these elusive ‘band’ achievements. If you want in on the action make sure you register here so we can start matching you up.

For those that have already registered, remember that you can manage your registration page at any time. Like Davie stated yesterday in this post please double-check that you have your timezone correct and update or change your availability as much as you need. I know I’ll be updating mine a few times a week.

If you haven’t been placed in a session yet, don’t worry, you will. With over 800 registrants, and more than 15,000 achievements requests so far, we are working to get these sessions rolling out as best we can. The sessions will be appearing on the community events calendar and you will get a PM when we’ve matched you up. If you're in the market for a session at short notice, you should fire up the session calendar, filter it on Open Sessions and feel free to jump into any event where a member or two may have dropped out.

Communication is key though! Get stuck in to the comments section on each session and talk to each other - get the instrumentation sorted before start time so you're good to go on the hour!

On which note, don't forget to the power of the Xbox LIVE Party Chat system. It's worth getting the console fired up ten minutes ahead of time, and getting a party setup so you can all communicate more easily. It's going to make those eight player band achievements so much easier.

To keep up with the newest and latest going info on the event, check out the section of the site. Here are all your quick links to everything you’ll need to know, including Music Mayhem FAQ and OUR AWESOME MUSIC MAYHEM ACHIEVEMENT COUNTER. We’ve barely started and already the counter and TA score gained is rising fast - over 10,000 TA has been won in under a day!

With all the exposure for the Music genre, May will be a great time to get some of those 2 player co-op, non 'band', music achievements done. Set up a session, add games to your boost request list, and PM other gamers you’ve met in our Community Gamer sessions to get these done, and of course, have TONS of fun along the way!