Wordament Goes Dutch

By litepink,
The ad supported Windows Phone title http://www.trueachievements.com/Wordament-WP-xbox-360.htm has now added a Dutch Beta to go along with the Spanish Beta and English Edition. The developers stress that the Dutch Edition is in the beta phase, and both this and the Spanish versions are imperfect, but they are working on continually improving them. Here’s a rundown of the newly launched beta and how you can help:

1) Please be specific! Know that we are here to get this right and that we acknowledge that it’s not perfect, right now… so, when you do contact us, please be specific! What words aren’t words? Which words are we missing? In many cases our lexicon already has everything—but valid words have been removed or abbreviations have been left. We start from a really rich Microsoft Dutch Lexicon, but are slicing and dicing it to convert it from a “spell check” lexicon to a “word game lexicon”—they are very different things.
2) Please be patient with us! We are rolling new puzzles out for each language each day right now as we learn and refine. If the puzzles are “terrible” today, then try again tomorrow. If you sent us specific feedback, we’ll have heard you and may have been able to fix it.
3) Know that all features will appear in time! Today, we are launching with Normal and Digram puzzles. We do not have Dutch “themed puzzles” yet. We will. But not today, or tomorrow, or even next week. They will be here though! If you want to help, start creating themed word lists!
Dutch Beta

Dutch Beta

Dutch Beta

If you speak Dutch, or are just feeling a bit avontuurlijk, you can change your language under the Help & Options menu. To contact the developers, we’ve provided their contact info in the external link below. As stated above, they want you to be specific with missing or incorrect words. The French Beta is expected to roll out in the next few weeks to go along with the seven languages set to be supported altogether.

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