Enemy Front Videos Show Off Some Gameplay

By Kendrene, 7 years ago
Enemy Front, the upcoming FPS developed by City Interactive, will take us back to the grim battlefields of WWII. These three videos showcase some of the gameplay elements that will be featured ingame. In the first video, Creative Director Stuart Black, provides a brief walkthrough of two of the game's levels: the opening level, which takes place on the beach of Dunkerque and a mountain level that will be encountered about halfway through the campaign.

The walkthrough gives information on the different enemy classes, a few weapons, and what parts of the environment are fully destructible. All videos are taken from a pre-Alpha build of the game.

The second video shows more of the mountain level.

The last video of the set brings us back to the opening stages.

Enemy Front will be released later this year. You can find more information here.

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