New Crysis 3 Screenshots & Concept Art

By Dave Horobin, 6 years ago
Crytek have release a new batch of screenshots, and one piece of concept art from Crysis 3, the highly anticpated follow up to last year's... ummm... Crysis 2. The game will see the return of John Prophet as the main protagonist, as he returns to New York in the year 2047 to once again do battle with the Cell Corporation.

If you've already played Crysis 2, you'll know just how stunning the game's visuals are thanks to CryEngine 3, and Crytek are promising even more from Crysis 3.

With Crysis and Crysis 2, Crytek proved that, in the hands of its creators, this engine can be pushed to almost limitless possibilities.

With Crysis 3, they’re taking it to the next level.
Screenshot 6

Screenshot 5

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 1

If you need further assurance that Crysis 3 is going to be one of the best looking games to hit this generation, check out the debut trailer released last month.

Crysis 3 is currently scheduled to be deployed in Spring, 2013.
Dave Horobin
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