Minecraft Launch Trailer

By Nose 0ver Tail, 6 years ago
With the release of Minecraft just a few short days away, we're given a better look at the title with the launch trailer, and an overview of the tutorial and multiplayer features.

With Minecraft for Xbox 360, you no longer need to search through a massive wiki on account of their new crafting interface. Actually, it looks as though they've made the entire experience much more user friendly. For example, the first time you come upon an item, you'll be given info on its title and use. The biggest feature however, has to be the new multiplayer mode. With up to four player split-screen and eight online, it looks to be a fun and intimate addition.

Minecraft for Xbox 360 is set to release on May 9th on XBLA for 1600MSP. Check out the Arcade NEXT promotion article for more details if you missed them.