DAMAGE INC. Pacific Squadron WWII Announced

By Kendrene, 6 years ago
DAMAGE INC. Pacific Squadron WWII, developed by Mad Catz, takes virtual flying aces back to the Pacific Front of the war.

The game will feature more than 20 campaign missions and hundreds of objectives, spanning over 11 different war theaters. Players will have the chance to pilot a large variety of planes, including dive bombers, fighters and torpedo bombers.

The game will include 68 variations of 32 different aircrafts, fielded by the American and Japanese aviation on the war front. Among the planes inclduded, players will find: P-51 Mustang (A, B & D), P-38 Lightning (D, F & L), F6F Hellcat (3, 5 & 5N), and the Japanese Zero (A6M, A6M2, A6M2-N & A6M-8).

The inclusion of an Arcade mode ensures that the learning curve isn't too steep: players new to the flight combat genre will be able to pick a plane and master flight mechanics before switching to Sim mode and gaining total and precise control over their arcraft of choice,

Other important features are Warspeed and Reflex mode: both are ingame features that will let you control the speed of the action. Warpspeed will boost your plane's speed, making it easier to move between the different objectives you will encounter over the course of the campaign, while Reflex will create a slow-motion effect to help pilots mantain control of the battlefield in critical situations. Pretty handy, especially when you have an enemy on your tail!

Here is the debut trailer.

Multiplayer modes have also been detailed:

In this aerial deathmatch mode, players will be able to measure their skills against up to seven other pilots. Players will have the chance to personalize the game experience through a host of modifiers, to create the kind of game that better matches their skills.

Team Dogfight
The same deathmatch multiplayer mode featuring teams.

As hinted in the name, in this mode players are allotted a limited number of lives. The last pilot standing (or better yet, flying) wins.

Team Survivor
Teams of players work together to wipe the other team from the sky. In this mode, player are also given a limited number of lives.

Scratch One Flattop
Aircraft carriers become the focus in this multiplayer mode, as two teams battle to sink the enemy team ships. Teamwork is essential for success, as the dive bombers and fighters pilots coordinate their actions to reach the objective.

The video below introduces the multiplayer action.

A Collector's Edition has also been detailed:

The Collector’s Edition is our special bundle for the gamer that wants true immersion into the game. Consisting of the game, the Pacific AV8R FlightStick, a special DLC plane and a stylized WWII-era sticker sheet to customize your stick, the Collector’s Edition lets you experience the ultimate thrill as a WWII fighter pilot and promotes the sensation of true flight.
This video shows the Collector's Edition content in more detail.

Finally, a squadron of screenshots flies in, fast and low, and offers glimpses of several planes featured in the game.

Pacific Squadron 28

Pacific Squadron 27

Pacific Squadron 26

Pacific Squadron 25

Pacific Squadron 24

Pacific Squadron 23

Pacific Squadron 22

Pacific Squadron 21

Pacific Squadron 20

Pacific Squadron 19

Pacific Squadron 18

Pacific Squadron 17

Pacific Squadron 16

Pacific Squadron 15

Pacific Squadron 14

Pacific Squadron 13

Pacific Squadron 11

Pacific Squadron 12

Pacific Squadron 10

Pacific Squadron 9

Pacific Squadron 8

Pacific Squadron 7

Pacific Squadron 6

Pacific Squadron 5

Pacific Squadron 4

Pacific Squadron 3

Pacific Squadron 2

Pacific Squadron 1

Pricing for the Collector's Edition of DAMAGE INC. Pacific Squadron WWII and a release date are not yet available.