Realmforge Studios New Action-Stealth Game: Dark

By Graymouse 1, 6 years ago
Publisher Kalypso has revealed its new project: Dark. A stealth-action game with featured roleplaying elements set in a modern vampire universe. Dark is currently being developed by Kalypso's very own Realmforge Studios who are based out of Munich. They are also known for last year's release of the PC game Dungeons.

Dark begins when Eric Bane a newly minted vampire wakes up in a club that has been overrun with other vampires. Eric awakens to find out that he only has some recollections of his lost memories and has new found vampire powers so he sets out into the game world trying to make sense of the secret forces at play.

As you progress through the game your character's vampire abilities will increase and you will be able to fit them into your own unique playing style. You should also keep in mind that your new found vampire powers should be used only moderately in order to be successful in this bloody cat and mouse game. Shadows play an essential role throughout the game as well.

The information we got from the production notes which reveals that in Dark you are the ultimate hunter, where you can lie in wait for your enemies in the shadows while utilizing your powerful vampire abilities to eliminate your foes with vampiric finesse. During your adventure you will meet other vampires, improve your character, and develop interesting abilities like: dissolving into smoke as desired to suprise your enemies. Dark places you in a world that is full of blood and darkness, in which the hunter can quickly become the hunted at any time.

Dark will also feature engagement attacks that will help defeat dangerous enemies such as policemen, elite soldiers, ghouls, and of course other vampires. You will be able to move quickly to get the drop on unsuspecting victims and then finish them off with a powerful vampire finishing move. While using the game's stylish cel-shading graphics you will be able to creep and crawl your way through the extensive world scenarios like a museum, castle, or around a power center of a Vampire Lord. In Dark stealth-action meets roleplaying by using lead dialogues to develop your abilities, and to help transform you into becoming the ultimate hunter.

If all that information above wasn't enough to sink your fangs into, then how about taking a look at the screenshots below to quench your thirst for blood.

05/06/2012 Dark concept 01

05/06/2012 Dark concept 2

05/06/2012 Dark concept 3

05/06/2012 Dark concept 4

05/06/2012 Dark concept 5

05/06/2012 Dark concept 6

05/06/2012 Dark concept 7

05/06/2012 Dark concept 8

05/06/2012 Dark concept 9

05/06/2012 Dark concept 10

05/06/2012 Dark concept 11

05/06/2012 Dark concept 12

05/06/2012 Dark concept 13

We will keep our eyes on this one as more information becomes available. There are many questions about this game that need answering. Will the game feature a day and night cycle? Will there be weapons in this game? These are a few of the many questions that hopefully will be answered in the upcoming months.

Dark will be released in early 2013