Wordament: World Champ Achievement Now Obtainable

By Kendrene, 6 years ago
The day Wordament (WP) players have been waiting for is finally here. Stretch your fingers, make sure your Windows Phone is charged and be ready to conquer the leaderboards!

You got that right, the World champ in Wordament (WP) has gone live!

The folks at You vs. The Internet have kindly reminded us what the requirements to unlock the achievement are:

Total score (all time)

You must appear in the top 250 players in the Total score (all time) leaderboard AND earned at least 250,000 total points. If you are in the top 250, but don’t have 250,000 points, keep earning and it will unlock.

Average score (all time)

You must appear in the top 250 players in the Average score (all time) leaderboard AND have earned at least 85,000 total points, and have completed at least 100 FULL games (meaning you have the Sore Fingers achievement). We made these rules strict, to ensure that the players that appear here are Champs. We don’t want players with solvers playing 5 games, getting to the top and unlocking the achievement. If you are going to use a word solver, you are going to have to do it 100 times, at which point we will have caught you.

Congratulations to our first wave of Achievement Unlockers. Now let the battle for position 250, begin in earnest. All you need to do, is touch 250 after any single game, and it will unlock at your next sign in to Wordament.

What are you waiting for? Drop whatever you are doing, fire up the game and start achieving!
Credit for this story goes to Linkster FTW