Rockstar Adds New Features to Social Club

By Mark Delaney, 6 years ago
With just about a week to go until Rockstar's next crime epic hits stores, it was about time they took to updating their Social Club with a slew of new features. If you've never used the Social Club, it's best described as Rockstar's version of a stat-tracking community hub similar to Halo's Waypoint or Battlefield's Battlelog. Previously, you could log on and track a lot of your in-game stats and link your gamercards from your consoles. Today, they've expanded on their offerings and call me crazy, but it sounds a bit familiar.

The new features include status updates, person to person "walls" to discuss whatever you'd like and hang out with those on your friends list, achievement progress that updates as you play, linking to Facebook and Twitter, and a new ability to create multiplayer gaming sessions with other gamers on the site.

Hey... wait a minute, that sounds a lot like this site!

You may recall Rockstar recently introduced the new Crews feature for their multiplayer games, starting with and continuing into the upcoming GTA V. You can begin registering for a Crew this Wednesday. Look for Max Payne 3 in stores next week, and look for more GTA V news, presumably, at E3 next month.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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