geoDefense Swarm Coming to Windows Phone May 16th

By litepink, 6 years ago
Tower defense on an open-field is coming next week with geoDefense Swarm (WP). Unlike its predecessor geoDefense (WP), the battle against the creeps in Swarm takes place on an open hexagon grid. This time around you are tasked at creating a path for them, rather than linear predetermined ones.

The game retains the same Geometry Wars-like visual style, but offers a different gameplay experience with the hex grid design and more new features:

• Classic ‘Open Field’ Tower Defense Gameplay
• 30 Levels, Each With its Own Unique Challenges
• One ‘Endless’ Level in Each Difficulty Group – the Creeps
Keep Comin’!
• New Tower, new Creep, new Challenges!
External image

External image

A price hasn't been revealed with the May 16th release date, but you can bet it'll be in line with the first game's price of $2.99.