Get Groceries... And MW2!

By Cougar24, 9 years ago
It looks like the UK is pretty pumped for the release of Modern Warfare 2. So pumped, that they are practically giving the game away.

Grocery stores aren't typically known for great video game deals — we can't remember any notable supermarket game purchases since our local Albertson's cleared out its NES rentals. But Sainsbury supermarkets in the UK have an offer worth noting: the retailer has cut the price of Modern Warfare 2 to just £26, an amazing £29 off the regular price.

It's really not fair that the UK gets an awesome price on one of the most anticipated games of the year. To save you non-UK readers the mental acrobatics, that's about $39 US dollars for the game. So if you're in the UK, and live near a Sainsbury or a Tesco, then you better get your ass over there bright and early tomorrow morning. Too bad US stores are liars and thieves awesome and have started selling the game early! USA FTW! USA! USA!
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