Dragon's Dogma Developer Diary #3

By Kendrene, 6 years ago
Dragon's Dogma is Capcom's biggest open world project to date. In the previous developer diary, the developers introduced us to the concept of Pawns, the companions that will be available to help the Arisen during his travels.

The third developer diary, "We All Stand Together", while having nothing to do with Nickelback, gives more insight on how the Pawns can be hired to or rented from other players. It seems to be a particularly important process in terms of experience; when lent to other players, your Pawns will gain knowledge about the secrets of the kingdom of Cassadis that they will share with you upon their return to your party. The same concept works when you are hiring a Pawn that is being shared by another player. Depending on how much experience your Pawns gain in other gamers' worlds, they will be rewarded with Rift Crystals. Collect enough Crystals and you will be able to hire higher level support characters from the sharing system. The developer diary also details the care put by the team in the NPCs: each of the characters you will encounter are completely voiced.

With the release date only two weeks away, Capcom seems intentioned to share a dragon's treasure worth of media content. The following video, is Dragon's Dogma launch trailer:

Today's third trailer shows us one of the fearsome, and VERY big dragons you will find barring your path.

Finally, here are some new screenshot to rest your eyes on between an adventure and the next. Just in case that the concept of a very big, malevolent and foul-breathed dragon didn't sink in completely.

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dragon's dogma ur dragon 1

Dragon's Dogma will be released on May 22nd in North America and May 25th in Europe. If you want a better idea of the game, you can adventure your way through the demo available here.