More NCAA 13 Screenshots Take To The Field

By Keith Gray, 6 years ago
Just a couple of days ago, the Dynasty Mode in Electronic Arts' latest offering in college football sim series, NCAA Football, got its first outing following changes and updates in comparison to previous iterations.

A bunch of new screenshots has now been released for NCAA Football 13 to compliment the trailer by showing several teams in on-the-field action in Dynasty Mode. The teams featured include the LSU Tigers and the Florida Gators.





Now, we all love our stats here at TA. What better way to get straight to our hearts than providing stats-filled, college football screenshots? There is no other way to our hearts (besides achievements, of course), so here we have them!




You've seen the on-field action and you've analysed all the stats (I hope you've at least given them a passing glance!), and finally it's time for the results:



Here's hoping those results are to your liking. If not, then there's always next year!

NCAA Football 13 is scheduled for release on July 10th.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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