Hitman: Absolution Pre-Order Bonuses Unveiled

By Ellis Spice, 6 years ago
Square Enix today revealed bonuses for American gamers who have pre-ordered Hitman: Absolution from Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart and GameStop.

Amazon shoppers will get a High Tech Suit, which gives Agent 47 50% more armor, along with the Bartoli Custom Pistol, which is a precision weapon, complete with it's own silencer and sight.

Buyers from Best Buy, meanwhile, will find themselves the lucky owners of a gangster-styled Public Enemy Suit and the Bronson M1928 submachine gun, which has a high firing rate and deadly stopping power.
Best Buy

Purchasers from Wal-Mart will get the High Roller Suit, a fancy tuxedo, and the Krugermeier 2-2 Pistol, an accurate, reliable stealth weapon which also includes a silencer.

Finally, shoppers at GameStop will get an exclusive stand-alone mini-game, Hitman: Sniper Challenge. Built upon the same engine as Absolution, Sniper Challenge see's Agent 47 overlooking a roof-top party from the balcony of an opposing building. Your target will be Richard Strong, Jr., the CEO of Stallion Armaments, but before you get to him you'll have to go through his bodyguards with the use of the Agency Kazo TRG sniper rifle, all the time trying to make the most of score multipliers, secrets, and unlockable equipment upgrades. Players will also get to take the Kazo TRG over to Hitman: Absolution.

Square Enix released a trailer for this stand-alone experience:

Square Enix were also kind enough to announce the release date for Hitman: Absolution today. Gamers worldwide should mark November 20th on their calendar, as this is the date it'll be coming out globally. Meanwhile, Hitman: Sniper Challenge will be available to redeem on the May 15th, less than a week away!
Ellis Spice
Written by Ellis Spice
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