Brave: The Video Game Trailer

By Chewie, 7 years ago
Disney Games have released a trailer for their upcoming movie tie-in

Apart from a few screens, there hasn't been a whole lot of information released about this game so far. However, from this trailer it looks like the game will be a puzzle-platformer with an archery-focused combat mechanic. You'll be playing primarily as the film's flame-haired, wise-cracking heroine Merida and, in order to succeed, you'll need to be fast, strong, clever and - not surprisingly - brave.

It's interesting to note that the game will also have Kinect support. What this support will entail is not yet specified. I'd say Kinect Archery, Kinect Wizardry and Kinect...Bravery are all possible contenders.

Brave: The Video Game is due this Summer.

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Written by Chewie
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