Game Of Thrones Behind The Wall Trailer

By Nose 0ver Tail, 6 years ago
Every Sunday at 9p.m., millions of viewers flock to their televisions to check out what's happening to our friends and enemies from Westeros. Well, in just a few days, you'll also be able to traverse the Kings Road, take the black, and play the Game of Thrones. Narrated by Project Director Thomas Veauclin and Lead Game Designer Sylvain Sechi from Cyanide Studio, we're given an overview of how the epic game came to be.

So, could this be a TV/book tie-in worthy of it's source material? Who's making this a day one purchase and who'll be waiting for those reviews to roll in? Either way, best be ready, because WINTER IS COMING!

Game of Thrones hit stores on May 15th in North America. While other regions have yet to be given a firm release date, a June window seems likely.