Monster Island (WP) Back on Marketplace

By Dog of Thunder, 6 years ago
When Monster Island (WP) debuted for the Windows Phone last month, the response from the TA community was one of horror and anger. Turns out, the "Big Spender" achievement required users to spend $3 at the online store, which effectively increased the cost of the game from $2.99 to $5.99. More importantly, outright paying for achievements like that violates one of Microsoft's guidelines governing the usage of achievements.

As anyone that has been achievement hunting for more than a month knows, the actual guidelines for achievements tend to be rather fluid. Games have odd gamerscore totals (Condemned: Criminal Origins), achievements tied to DLC that was never released (Hellboy: The Science of Evil) or they require DLC since the DLC list is built into the original 1k (

Given all of the history regarding achievements, it's astounding that Microsoft had Monster Island removed from the marketplace until it was compliant with the achievement guidelines. The new, approved and improved achievements are as follows:

Monster Island (WP)Curiosity Killed MonstersThe Curiosity Killed Monsters achievement in Monster Island (WP) worth 11 pointsEarn 750 coins and spend them on a new character in the Monster Island store!

Monster Island (WP)Keep 'em comingThe Keep 'em coming achievement in Monster Island (WP) worth 15 pointsEarn 1500 coins and spend them on solutions in the Monster Island store!

Monster Island (WP)Big SpenderThe Big Spender achievement in Monster Island (WP) worth 16 pointsEarn a total of 2500 coins and spend them in the Monster Island store!

As the names were not changed, everyone that had unlocked these achievements previously will not have to re-earn them.

Monster Island is available in the US marketplace. Developer Miniclip has stated that eventually, Monster Island will be available in all regions.
Credit for this story goes to thirtysmooth