Modern Warfare 2 Dominates Sales Internationally

By Cougar24, 9 years ago
It's starting to look like some records will be broken pretty soon. Modern Warfare 2 sold an amazing 2.4 MILLION COPIES within the first 24 hours, and a measly 1.23 million copies in the UK. In unrelated news, an estimated 2.4 million men in the US quit their jobs, divorced their wives, and put their kids up for adoption on Nov. 11th.

The first-person shooter game, which generated a lot of interest among hard-core fans, is set to break all previous records in sale.

Experts have predicted it to be one of the biggest and fastest-selling titles in history. It has become so popular that people think it will easily overcome records set by blockbuster releases from the "Grand Theft Auto" series.

All this record is being set at a time when the video game industry revenue in the United States, the world's largest market, is down 13 percent this year, according to industry tracker NPD.

To make sure that the stuff sets record, Activision partnered with retailers including GameStop Corp and Best Buy Co for more than 10,000 midnight store openings in North America.

Of course, without great success, there is always controversy. I woke up this morning and turned on my TV and watched Fox & Friends and, much to my (non) surprise, they were talking about MW2! Mainly about the "No Russian" mission, where you are an undercover CIA operative trying to get more information about an enemy suspect. They had Jon Christensen that writes for Slash Gamer on there talking on behalf of the game:

Fox Host: Jon, you essentially get to be a terrorist and kill people and it's very realistic.

Jon: You're not actually a terrorist. You're a CIA undercover agent. You are infiltrating a terrorist organization and the game specifically says, when you go into, uh when you work with this terrorist organization. You are um... (Jon loses his train of thought, awkward moment) You are a a a uh a a a CIA operative. (chuckles) I'm sorry.

Instead of getting someone who was actually involved in the making of the game, they get this guy who can barely form complete sentences. I'm sure that you can imagine me screaming at my TV, while eating my Frosted Oatie-O's (I can't afford Frosted Flakes), in my Underoos, cursing this kid's name at the top of my lungs.