Sleeping Dogs Combat Trailer

By Chewie, 6 years ago
A new trailer has hit from Square Enix.

This new trailer for the Hong Kong based open-world actioner features the game's combat, which will be primarily martial arts and melee focused and is heavily influenced by Hong Kong cinema. You'll also be able to upgrade the combat capabilities of your character and utilise some pretty brutal environmental take-downs.

The game has had a pretty tempestuous history, after being dropped by Activision last year under it's original title True Crime: Hong Kong, before being picked up by Square Enix. Judging by this trailer though, it looks like it's going to be Activision's loss and Square Enix's gain. You can catch up with our previous coverage here.

Also, if you want some classic Hong Kong cinema recommendations to get you in the mood, I'd say watch The Killer, Hard Boiled, Infernal Affairs and Crime Story.

Sleeping Dogs wakes up on August 14th.
Written by Chewie
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