Ronimo Tease A New Awesomenaut

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
Ronimo Games have detailed that they are still hard at work on Awesomenauts behind the scenes and that a patch dedicated to fine tuning the game's balancing will be coming soon. Along with balancing, Ronimo will be looking at the reports of NAT/connection issues that some of you (including myself) may have experienced. Very occasionally, games may fail to connect (or drop midway through), citing NAT issues as the reason:

It appears these issues are the result of players joining a game with the NAT-settings on their router set to either "Strict" or "Moderate", in addition to our game being quite strict in its ping requirements. We're looking into what we can do to resolve both these issues, but resetting your console as well as your router seems to resolve most issues until we can get a patch out.
As an added bonus to celebrate the support of the community of players (over half a million matches have been played in one week), we have been teased with some artwork of an upcoming Awesomenaut from some future DLC. Take a peek below:

Character teaser

Further details on the DLC are very scarce at the moment sadly! There's no word on how many Awesomenauts will be added in the near future, or indeed in total. Even the gorgeously illustrated image we were sent has the filename of 'noname.jpg'. Crafty Ronimo, very crafty!

We'll keep you updated with any further details, artwork or announcements as we receive them. If you need more info be sure to check out our dedicated game page, or take in DaveKinetic's official review.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to hit my next five levels to prestige!