Modern Warfare 2 - Community Event

By Aerodynamo, 9 years ago
Let's face it. Modern Warfare 2 is a blast... so what could be better than playing it with some friends?

Join us on Saturday, November 14th at 12:00 PM EST for a day of Modern Warfare 2 fun. With the huge amount of interest and signups already, we might be splitting up into several different games... but the more the merrier, right?

Join the Modern Warfare 2 Event Squad and get ready for more announcements for future events--I won't always be abusing my Newshound status to spread the word about this stuff!

Future events for Modern Warfare 2 will have more details available. For now, just join the leaderboard, introduce yourself if you'd like, and get online at 12:00 PM EST. I'd like to say send me a friend request, but it could be a little unwieldy with the current lack of organization in the leaderboard. For now, get on at that time and send me a message if you'd like to play. You'll be invited as soon as there is room in the game. No "time limit" for the event is currently set--but expect it to last as long as people are on!

Why not show your support for the site and throw [TA] into you Clan tag? All the cool kids are doing it!

See you Saturday!