GAME Australia Slumps Into Administration

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
The Game Group crisis continues to spread as GAME Australia announce that they have entered into administration with TGW Pty Ltd appointed into the unenviable role.

The move will affect 92 stores across Australia but TGW Pty Ltd have noted that at this time, "we will continue to trade all of the Company’s stores...This means that store hours will remain unchanged and all stores will remain open at this stage". Of course there are questions that run deeper and more complex than opening hours, so we will attempt to summarise the salient points in this article. If you'd like to read this information first hand for yourself, please check out the FAQ that has been posted on the official website:

What if I have pre-ordered a game?

We are still working to clarify the status of pre-orders. At this stage we are intending on honouring
certain pre-orders placed on the Diablo III and Max Payne new releases. We will provide clarity on
these and other new releases in due course.
We are not able to refund customer deposits and customers who have paid a deposit for a pre-ordered
item at this stage should continue to monitor the website for further updates.
What if I have Gift Cards, Gift Vouchers or in-store Credits?

We are prepared to honour existing gift cards, gift vouchers and credit notes for most of the products in our stores or online on the basis that these can only be used for 25% of the total purchase price. For example if you have a $15 gift card, you are required to spend at least $60 in store or online, in order to redeem the gift card, with the balance of $45 to be paid in cash. Gift cards, gift vouchers and credit notes cannot be used in conjunction with other customer benefits such as pre-payments, loyalty programme/GAMEON points etc.

Unfortunately we are unable to issue new gift cards, gift vouchers or credit notes at this stage.
What is the status of the loyalty program (GAMEON)?

We are prepared to honour existing redemptions under the loyalty program on an adjusted basis. Points can be used for up to 10% of the purchase price of existing products (for example if a game was purchased for $20, this would need 1000 points worth $2 and $18 of cash). Points cannot be used in conjunction with other customer benefits such as gift cards, vouchers or credit notes. Unfortunately customers will no longer be able to accrue further points under the loyalty program at this stage.
Additional points note that the company will no longer be accepting games for trade-in, accepting returns and outstanding warranties should be referred to the third party underwriter where possible. As I mentioned before, if you are in any doubt, please refer to the official FAQ which has further points of contact which you may try to resolve any questions you may have.

Thanks to everyone in the community who sent this in.