Just Cause 2: Trailer And More

By WeisGuy9, 9 years ago
For those of you that enjoyed the stunts, destruction and general mayhem of Just Cause, let me steer you toward an exclusive look at Just Cause 2. The second installment of Rico's adventures in dictator-land look to be 10 times the adrenaline ride that the first game gave us.

Recently, Eidos gave the game editors of GameInformer a couple of hands-on hours with the game and the opportunities for wreaking destruction seem nearly limitless. From blowing up biofuel plants to tethering random civilians to vehicles and pieces of fruit, the arm-mounted grapple gun seems to come in handy in literally any situation.

Eidos says Just Cause 2 should release some time in the first quarter of 2010. Check the link below for the official game site, or hit the external link for screenshots, a trailer and a blow-by-blow of the gameplay.