New Game Of Thrones Gameplay Videos [UPDATE]

By Kendrene,
UPDATE: Since the publication of this story, ATLUS USA has released the official launch trailer to celebrate the North American release. Enjoy!

ORIGINAL STORY: Winter is coming. In fact, it's coming today. As Game of Thrones hits store shelves in North America, Cyanide Studios releases two additional gameplay videos featuring the game's protagonists.

In the first trailer, we witness Alester, the red priest, as he talks his way out of some sticky situations. He certainly posesses the gift of oratory, but he does not shied away from resorting to violence when necessary, as in the second part of the video.

The second video follows Mors, the Brother of the Night's Watch and his faithful hound. Mors is a skinchanger or warg and can "wear the flesh" of his hound and control him. The video shows how it is possible to use this ability to track people and quest items or attack unsuspecting enemies.

Game Of Thrones is out today, May 15th in North America and later on, probably during a June window for other regions.

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