Super Street Fighter IV - New Modes Trailer

By zigs00, 9 years ago
Capcom has released a new trailer outlining four of the new modes available in the upcoming Super Street Fighter IV with one in particular bound to excite fans of the seminal and iconic Street Fighter II. Yes, that's right, bonus stages are making a comeback!

Is there anyone out there who loved the 1991 classic and doesn't miss being able to obliterate a parked car or destroy barrels with their fearsome hadokens and shoryukens? For me, bonus stages were the big feature missing from Street Fighter IV and I'm psyched to see their return.

Also announced were the following game modes:
Team Battle - Two teams of four are automatically created based on online PP as you cheer one another on and use teamwork to emerge victorious.

Replay Channel - Hone your skills and learn from the masters by reliving the latest and greatest bouts. Replays will be automatically saved and rewatchable at any time.

Endless Battle - Winner stays on in this relentless, endless online mode, with the challengers constantly rotated around, losing players pushed to the bottom of the pack. Who will be the last man standing?

Super Street Fighter IV is currently scheduled for release worldwide on March 23rd. Three of the eight new playable characters already confirmed include Street Fighter II classics T. Hawk and Dee Jay, and newcomer Juri.

Check the link below for the trailer outlining these new modes.