Omerta - City of Gangsters Announced

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
O-mer-ta: A rule or code that prohibits speaking or divulging information about the activities of a criminal organization.

Kalypso Media announced today that they will be bringing the criminal enterprise game, Omerta - City of Gangsters to the Xbox 360. Known for such games as, Tropico 4, Kalypso will be taking players back to a 1920's Atlantic City. Combining real-time strategy and turn-based tactical RPG elements, the player will try to conquer the roaring 20's by building a criminal empire with an objective of total domination.

By utilizing different resources within your organization, players will build, buy or take over buildings, and turn them into illegal boxing outfits, speakeasies, distilleries and much more.

During elaborately concocted heists, the game will switch into a turn-based tactical game that will put players into intense gun battles in order to play out enemy encounters and make haste while escaping with the loot. The use of cover elements and direction as "The Boss" is crucial in order to become victorious.

In this organized crime simulation, players will take the role of an immigrant having just landed in America with dreams of making it big in New Jersey. Starting with small jobs, and moving up the ladder of criminal hierarchy, the player will recruit other members in order to establish your own empire. Send your henchmen to spy, burn rival businesses, rob a bank, or assassinate snitches.

Other notable features of the game are:
•Historically accurate representation of Atlantic City and its landmarks
•Strategic gameplay allows city overview, planning, expansion and gathering of intel
•Turn-based tactical combat with a cover system and stealth action
•15 unique player controlled characters each with unique personalities and backgrounds
•A RPG system for development of player characters and managing their equipment
•Competitive and cooperative multiplayer mode with persistent gangs
•15+ hours of gameplay in a single play-through
•20 unique maps visualizing the various districts of Atlantic City

The teaser trailer, released during the PC announcement, will give you just a taste of what players on the Xbox 360 can look forward to.

Fans of real-time strategy and tactical RPG's can look forward to the release of Omerta - City of Gangsters this Fall!